The University Sports Federation of Hong Kong, China (formerly known as The Hong Kong Post-Secondary Colleges Athletic Association), formed in 1961, is an associate member of the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China.


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Fixture of Tennis Position Match, Semi-final, and Final

2014-11-25 update

Fixtures of Ball Games And Racket Games Competitions week 5

2014-11-24 update

2014-2015 Fixture of USFHK Cross Country Race Competition

2014-11-06 update

Fixtures of Volleyball Preliminary Competition

2014-11-05 update

Fixtures of Squash Preliminary Competition

2014-11-05 update

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Result of Tennis Preliminary Competition

2014-11-25 update

Result of Table-Tennis Preliminary Competition

2014-11-25 update

Result of Badminton Preliminary Competition

2014-11-24 update

Results of Women's Soccer Preliminary Competition 2014-2015

2014-11-24 update

Result of Squash Preliminary Competition

2014-11-24 update

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